The R-wave…

December 20th – it was kick-started (literally) with the Mood I at Mumbai IIT. What followed was 4 days of fun, late nights and raised eye brows. Do you know how much pleasure it gives me to see that irritatingly high-raised eye brow pointed towards me? A LOOOOT!
I got myself a boyfriend off the roads of Mumbai IIT- NOT an iitian, NOT hot, NOT even liked by my friends…oooh! Was I really happy! A nice guy though…my friends thought he was out or sex and I thought that should be fun- they were horrified and I was tagged “Despo!” Haha!
But for all my reverse psychology, I didn’t have the guts to tell J and S back home about him; and however I might be in the day, the fog cleared that night- enough to make me see that what I can’t tell my best friends is maybe not worth doing. And so, the next morning I wake up and tell the guy I kissed last night that: I’m a lesbian.
Didn’t see that one coming did ya? : P
To his credit, he took it well. Didn’t scream or shout or even give a teeny-weeny gasp. I was sooo disappointed. And he asked if we could meet.
So we met. To my discredit, I couldn’t keep up the charade for long (yes, it’s a charade! I’m NOT in a lesbian relationship with J!); the urge to laugh was too strong and oh well, he was being sooo nice! So I told him, that’s all bullcrap and all I wanted that morning was to get out of the relationship (whatever I might want the next morning…). He was really nice…he said we don’t have to be in a relationship, he said we don’t even have to give it a name…we’ll just be 😀 and so we be-ed…for one week after we went back to our respective colleges.
I broke up with him.
When I told J and S ‘bout him- S said be careful and J said if you still like him (yes, I really liked him at that point) after a week, then we’ll think about it.
A week came and went and the year came to an end and so did our I-dunno-what-it is-but-certainly-NOT-a-relationship- ship. It was sad. But I was partying and I danced it aaaall away….
PS: during that week that I was with him- J stalked him on Fb…n that was when I lost my privilege to choose a boyfriend. Every next contender has to go through her sieve…sigh!
J lost her privilege to choose a movie, I lost my privilege to choose a boy and S lost her mind…aren’t we a bunch of happy-go-luckys??? 😀 😀 😀

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