In a sea of people
In a world of chaos
I’m just walking around-


My pace is much slower
Unfeelingly feeling the touch of each jostled shoulder
Searching for my feet in each shoe stepped over, I feel..


I strain my ears for one friendly hello
Or one nod of the head that doesn’t mean- get outta my way
Or maybe a smile saying I’m glad to see you today
But in vain do I strain and I think I’m-


There’s a footfall here, another I hear over there
All of strangers I’m stuck among
On this strange day, I don’t know where
My own step, I can’t hear
Not there not here not anywhere!


Have I stopped? Or have I been stopped?
Or is it just that I’m so lost?
My foot finds no place to tread
My arm finds no space to swing
I’m being pushed to the side
Out of this potpourri of rides-
Nothing to hold on to, nothing to hop on to
Slowly, I see myself, fall to the side-
Empty handed…barefooted…half naked


I guess…I should feel violated…I don’t
Or maybe angry…? I’m not.

I just feel myself-
Wild thoughts and a shred of sanity
Feelings of contamination and purity
With delusions and with beliefs
Feeling the stress and then relief…

No longer do I feel lost
No longer am I caught in a storm without a boat
This sea of people
This world of chaos
Doesn’t affect me, you see, on the sidelines.

So I hug myself round my hips
And let this one smile stretch my lips…



2 thoughts on “Lost…

  1. Teja says:

    Tell you what! I was jus listening to Pink Floyd-'Hey You!'.
    And barely an hour later, as I read this poem, I am completely lost; cause the only words which reverberate in my mind are:
    Hey you, with you ear against the wall
    Waiting for someone to call out ….
    But it was only a fantasy.
    The wall was too high, as you can see.


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