1. Applesauce on apple pie
  2. Babble of a baby
  3. Cock and bull stories
  4. Double-dutch on a prank call
  5. Epizootics of the blow-hole-ing
  6. Folly of youth
  7. Gobbledegook in conversation
  8. Hanky-panky under the sheets
  9. Idiocy for the sake of idiocy
  10. Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol
  11. Kidology professionals
  12. Lunacy of the full moon
  13. Moonshine on the water
  14. Nonsense that makes sense
  15. Outlandishness of early morning dreams
  16. Pants-off Fridays
  17. Quatsch!
  18. Rhubarb red lipstick
  19. Shenanigans on a night out
  20. Toffee while on duty
  21. Unmeaningful reply to a meaningful question
  22. Very like a whale-ing with a friend
  23. Waffle for breakfast
  24. XXX
  25. Yobbery on Youtube
  26. Zaniness today, tomorrow and forever

Are 26 ways that lead to balderdash, baloney and bunkum.

Ooha_-_TributeOne more way is through this blog.

So, welcome, my fellow Messengers of Malarkey and wish you the most hooey reading!

-The girl in the swing.

P.S: If you do enjoy the piffle in this version, you might also enjoy the slightly less-piffly version over at Overrated Sensibilities where I talk about books, review books, and devote pages to more of such book-related buffoonery. 😀



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