13:27 hrs, Summer Rains

I love summer rains!

I love rain in general. But, summer rains are just the best!

They’re always a surprise. You’re melting your skin off most of the time and suddenly, you wake up one morning and the sun is away on a holiday. You walk to the hospital without shedding a drop of sweat and you congratulate yourself on finishing the ward rounds without your shirt getting too intimate with your skin. An unimaginable feat on any other summer day.

On that day, you greet your patients with a smile, listen to them with a smidgen more of patience; because in between their tales of woe and insanity, you can brighten yourself up with a peep out the window to a glance to the skies above. They are laden and grey and they spell an evening of delicious rain and a tomorrow of gorgeous humidity.

Now, I hate humidity as much as the next person, but that’s tomorrow! Today I get to spend my free time taking long walks on short roads, sipping water while hanging out in the corridor because there’s no power in the hostel and of course, anticipating the downpour that never comes.

But, if it does- oh the joy! I can dance in the rain, I can jump in the puddles, I can sing loudly because the rest of the world doesn’t encourage getting drenched in the rain and of course, I can take pictures of dripping leaves and call it art of photography.

So, summer rains are the best. They take me out of the gloom of dehydration and desiccation and give me a glimpse of tomorrow. They remind that everything, however unbearable it might be now, shall come to pass. They also show me how even in the most difficult of times, there’s a respite, a chance to recharge, an opportunity to re-energize yourself that will arise; how, out of hot shit, something of such beauty can take birth.

Summer rains give me hope. They give me glimpse of a better tomorrow so that even when the sun is overhead and attempting to peel my skin off, I can smile to myself and think: let the clouds come; one day, the clouds will come.

Here’s to everyone in the tropics. May you survive your summers and party all winter.



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