07:02 AM, In Shock

I wonder what was going through his mind. Did he feel powerful? Did he feel like God, standing in that window and taking away lives with a pull of his finger? Was he unhinged or just a monster?

Questions none of us will have the answer for. And answers that most of us wouldn’t care for.

I might be halfway across the world from Las Vegas, but what does it matter? When violence that shatters the entire notion of humanity occurs, it transcends race, nationality and religion. And last night’s attack was something that none of us should have to live through.

It’s the US of A. It’s supposed to be the land where dreams come true. It’s the country people go to when they want a better life. Nobody should have to imagine a random shootout would also be included in that care package.

I know the saying- guns don’t kill, people do. But, maybe it’s high time people question the access that people who kill have to the guns that don’t kill. After all, it isn’t like they don’t play a starring role in that story. I like guns just as much as the next person, but when a person could accumulate an arsenal at his place without raising one red flag, there is something wrong, isn’t there?

Like most people in my country, I too have family there. That makes me invested in your future and that makes me worry.

My prayers to all those who survived. I hope you recover soon, mentally and physically. And may those who didn’t survive rest in peace.


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