08:49 hrs, At The Start Of A New Day

I was standing in front of the mouse-pad sized mirror I’d acquired for my room, my compact in hand, precisely dabbing away at my dark circles, when I realised how much I’ve changed.

My morning routine used to be one reminder to brush my teeth and another to run a comb through my hair; and the second one was optional. 

Over the last five years however, it has gradually undergone a change without me really noticing.

I used to wake up at 7:45 and be in class by 7:55. Now, I wake up at 8:00, brew some green tea, wash my hair, try on clothes till I find one I like, apply “make up”, straighten the violent curls of my hair and finally, rush out in a panic because it’s already 9:00 and I’m late.

So, this morning when I suddenly glimpsed myself in my size 8 shoe-sized mirror holding up a compact to my face, the realisation hit that I’m no longer that scatter-brained teenager with only the thoughts of the current season of Castle and no responsibilities. 

Somehow, when I wasn’t looking, adulthood crept on to me and made me think about how I look and how I present myself. Things I never considered, like decor and cleanliness, have been taking up my time. I wash my jeans; I iron my clothes; I clean my floors and I bought a shoe rack for my shoes rather than just shoving them under my bed.

So, this morning, as I stood gobsmacked in front of my Agatha Christie novel sized mirror, a single question was knocking against my brain: 

When did I grow up?



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