To My Little Nephew, From Your (Kinda, Sorta) Old Aunt

25 July, 2016


My darling sleepy Baby,


Some time, as you grow up, you’ll hear the words “like a boy” and “like a girl”. What is like a boy or like a girl? People can come up with a lot of answers.

Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. Skirts are for girls and pants are for boys. Boys play with monster trucks and Barbies are for girls. Girls will enjoy cooking, sewing and the finer arts while boys enjoy driving, sports and roughhousing.

Don’t let them fool you. More importantly, don’t let these arbitrary differentiations limit you.

IMG-20160730-WA0001The amazing thing about being born a human in this world is our ability to make our own choices. But, society and its preconceived notions may sometimes come in the way of that special ability. We are all born as unique beings and then, we spend the rest of this blessed life trying to squash that uniqueness out of ourselves and each other and become one of the crowd.

Isn’t that sad? In fact, I believe it would be the saddest thing if you, our dearest baby, the apple of our eye tried to squash the uniqueness out of you.

I’m not saying don’t listen to people. Certainly, listen to people. But, after they are done speaking and you’re done listening, remember to make the choice that suits you best. You are under no obligation to keep any promise you haven’t made or fulfil any dream that’s not yours. So, take advice from the grown-ups around you, but, make the decision by yourself.

Of course, when you make your decisions, you will also be responsible for any and every consequence out of it. But, that’s a topic for another day.

For now, all I want to tell you is whether you like pink or blue, pants or skirts or it be monster trucks or Barbies, remember that the world is at your feet and the choices are yours to make; and whatever the world may say, I’ll always be in your corner. Be kind, little baby and be you.



Your ridiculously wise aunt.
(No, really, I am!)


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