The Witch And The Prince – Chapter 1


He lay before her. A prince that looked every bit a prince. Handsome, well-built, popular and currently, her captive.

She sat there watching his princely countenance, trying not to feel jealous. Because, she was a witch that didn’t look anything like a witch. She was small, dark and had kind eyes.

And then, the prince woke up.

“Where am I?” the bleary blue eyes did nothing to diminish his beauty.

“You’re kidnapped, Prince!”

“Kidnapped… Are you going to kill me?” sharp and directed towards her; she resisted the urge to flinch in the grasp of those eyes.

“Kill you? Why would I do that?”

“Ah! That’s a relief! Well, I’m going back to sleep then.” An unfathomable smile creased his lips as he lay his cheek down on the ground as gently as if it might have been a soft pillow. His demeanour stirred confusion in her belly.

“Shouldn’t you be attempting something heroic by now?”

“Heroic? Why would I want to be a hero?” His eyes snapped open and held her in his gaze. She pulled herself up to her tallest self in response to the challenge in them.

“Aren’t you the Third Prince of Rathgar? You’ve been kidnapped, Third Prince of Rathgar, by an evil witch- me! Now, it’s your turn to bravely free yourself and return a hero.”

“If all you wanted to do was return me, why kidnap me in the first place?” His wrinkle-free forehead creased perfectly in the centre, “Or was it not you that did the deed?”

“It was me! Don’t be fooled by my small stature, Prince!” She bristled at the mockery written in those lips, “I stand before you, Vilia, the Evil Witch of the Northern Glades, on the cusp of my entry into the Witches’ Coven. I warn you, it would not be in your best interests to take me lightly!”

“Vilia…That’s a pretty name.” he smiled and brought an unwelcome flutter to her heart, “I’m Belmont. It’s my greatest pleasure to make your acquaintance, Evil Witch! At least, it would be, except these ropes biting into my skin are spoiling it a little.” He grinned at her dropped jaw and disbelieving eyes, “Ah! Don’t stare at me like that. You’re making me blush!”

Her jaw snapped shut as the flutter was replaced by stirring annoyance. “Are you sure you’re a prince?”

She thought she saw his smile turn down slightly at the corners, “Yes, unfortunately, I’m sure.” But, before she could be sure, he had it hitched back up, “But, it’s because I’m a prince that I got to meet you. So, I don’t feel too unfortunate right this moment! Now…about these ropes…”

His bright smile, his sparkling eyes, his complete nonchalance at being a kidnapped captive of an Evil Witch were what, she was certain, brought all this blood to her face. The unrelenting heat in her face was making her angry.

“If you think you’re charming your way out of here with all that sweet talk, you’re mistaken, Prince! I’m deaf to your flattery and blind to your sugar-coated lies. Talk all you want and then, some more. Talk until you realise that you are all alone in the woods, a witch’s captive and there is no help coming your way. Talk as long as you like to these walls that won’t listen nor reply. Because this is where you are and where you will be until my entry into the Coven!”

“You’re rather dramatic, aren’t you?”


“But, you did a superlative job on these ropes, I tell you. I’m pretty sure, I’m bleeding already. Ah!”

“Stop struggling then, you moron. You’re chaffing your wrists.”

“Aww…are you kind after all? I thought you looked kind!”

“I am an Evil Witch!”

She had had enough of this un-princely prince.

She walked out.



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