19: 49 hrs, Contemplating the Happiness of the New Year

So, another year comes to an end. Everybody is celebrating. There was music last night and hungover faces this morning. Everybody is so happy that I’m almost sorry to say that I’m feeling as friendly as a cactus. Almost.

When I wake up tomorrow morning, it’ll be 1st Jan 2017. What does that change? I’ll still be woken up before sunrise by mum and I’ll still be reading the same book as last night. From page number 84. Not even a healthy round number. Nothing changes.

I’ll still be an unemployed bum mooching off of my parents. I’ll still be preparing for exams. I’ll still be dealing with the rotten consequences of all my mistakes from last year. So, I don’t even get that metaphorical clean slate. So, really! What changed?


These were my thoughts last night. At 1949 hrs of 31st December 2016.

It’s been 24 hrs since then.

19 hrs and 49 minutes into the newest year.

I was right. Nothing changed.

I’m still stressed out. I’m still carrying expectations that I don’t want to be carrying. I’m still uncertain regarding my future. But, apparently, my mother tells me, my horoscope says this year will be better.

I tell her, even my lace not coming untied would make this year better than last year. And the year before that. So, that horoscope has no business putting unnecessary hopes in my head.

She told me to stop thinking nonsense and take direction; and if I didn’t she’d smack that sassy mouth off my face.

So, I stopped thinking, followed the directions my father was giving and reached home in half the time than it would’ve taken me had I been following my own directions.

So, what I mean to say is, maybe…sometimes…it’s ok to ask for directions. It’s ok to listen to a voice other than your own. I’ve followed my own way for so long. Maybe, I can make this year different by changing the way a little. Just a little. Just sometimes. Just, maybe…I’ll be happier this year.

Damn that horoscope for making me hope!

Well then, my dear Netizens, Happy 2017! May we not repeat the same mistakes of last year and make entirely new ones! Here’s to 365 days of stumbling, fumbling and grumbling until the next party!




2 thoughts on “19: 49 hrs, Contemplating the Happiness of the New Year

    • Ooha says:

      Thank you! It is, honestly, quite heartening to hear that I wasn’t the only grumpy goblin on new year’s Eve. But, I hope that your year will turn out way better than you expected. Thank you again for liking and commenting on the post!


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