Who are you?

Memories cheat me

Make me think it was yesterday

That I met you

When in reality,

It was years ago.


I feel new, awkward

Still on tenterhooks

Like a new friend with a new friendship

Making my way across

Like walking a tightrope


You keep me guessing

Teasing and playing me around

Offering me a hint, then laughing it off

Never sure, never certain

Never really knowing who you are


We play games in my mind

With my mind, in my heart

We say things, we make plans, we promise

But, I still stand here

Uncertain, unsure, doubting you


Your presence calms me

And excites me

Your voice lifts me up and puts me down

Your existence makes my dreams

Come true


You make me question myself

Doubt myself

Second-guess my thoughts, my words, my life

You bring me down to nothing

You make me everything I am



You are the one in my shadow

In my reflection in the mirror

You’re the one in my sweat, in my breath, in my heart beat

You’re the one in my head

In the blood running through my veins


You’re the one birthed in me

By me, for me

You’re the one living with me, dying with me

You’re the one in me

You’re me


You’re me and I’m you

And I ask you,

Studying my face, my eyes, my eyebrows, the curve of my lips

Studying my reflection in the mirror,

Who are you?








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