The PG Quest- Week 7 & 8

First things first:

polio 2 eradicated

Isn’t that just the best thing ever?

This declaration made my week and gave me an unbelievable surge of hope. I mean if Wild Polio (type 2), which was so prevalent in so many parts of the world at one point of time (which was not so long ago), can be eradicated, then, surely, I can clear my PG! My task is definitely much less impossible than that. Or should I say, improbable. 🙂

Of course, to bring about this improbable reality, a bunch of stuff was planned, distributed, undertaken and organized. It, most definitely, was no easy task. And so is my PG. But, this week was good. I have studied. As much as I could in view of the fact that the first floor admin kept playing havoc with my time table with surprise classes at all hours and any days.

Micro, I have done and Biochem, I haven’t as class got cancelled leaving the future of my biochem hanging in a rather tenuous balance. 😦

Pharmac- I have definitely started. With this:


This book has got a lovely blue and cream themed inside and lots of questions and lots of explanations. I know it is not the usual thing to be, but, I’m very excited to open my new book and dive in! Of course, it might have a lot to do with the fact that I’m excited about any new book- be it pharmacology or J.K. Rowling’s newest work of fiction. Oh well, welcome to my nerd-dom!

Anyway, the question of next week: Well, week 8 is still en route and if I might dare to trust the current schedule given by the admin, I will be spending most of next week in Ophthalmology and Anesthesiology classes. So, subjects of the week (8 & 9) are…….(drum roll please)………OPHTHALMOLOGY! and ANESTHESIOLOGY!

Yep! That’s it for now, folks.

Wish me luck!

P.S: I’ve been punctuating my study with breaks that involve reading a few books that have been sent to me for review (I’m still having trouble believing that some author actually wants my review of their well-versed work…Gosh! I know not what to say…or think…except, of course, that I’m so flattered and so, well, grateful!) Anyway, here’s my first such review coming up right after this post.


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