The PG Quest- Week 6


After that extremely depressing post of last week, I decided that its time to stop being the drama queen and move on. I told myself to start small. However, that had to be soon given up because starting small didn’t go beyond the thoughts of starting small. Instead, I now decided that its time to pull off a dive straight into the deep end. So, yesterday, I opened up one of the numerous tests lying ignored on my laptop and started to answer it.

It was psychiatry, my feel-good subject.

It took me only 5 questions to realize I didn’t know s@&!. So, I closed that window, completely freaked out and grabbed the nearest pen and paper to make myself a time table. Needless to say, sometimes, the push is all that is needed!

I’m now entering the new week armed with a new timetable and a new hope. Of course, classes are still beating me down back to back and 9 to 9; exams are still looming closer and closer; but, at least now, I’m back to putting my best foot forward and enjoying the view of my future.

That's a brain! Isn't it amazing!

Diffusion Tensor Imaging- A picture for every brain!

Just thought I’d start this week off with a look at one of my favorite images. It re-ignited my enthusiasm for my profession during the final hour of a 12-hr day. The 8 ‘o’ clock- when my fingers go too lax to take notes, there is a dead look in my eyes reminiscent of Michael Myers in Halloween, I can almost hear my neurons fizzling out and there is a continuous loop picture of a clean shower and piss-pot playing in my head. That is when this picture of Diffusion tensor imaging came on the screen and jolted me back to life.

This, folks, is a picture of the brain! Showing all those tiny intricate pathways that carry our senses to the brain and back- like pain or touch or the salivation at the thought of a double-layered cheese pizza! When I studied these pathways for the first time in my first year of medicine, they were beautiful, but intangible. Even later, when so many things made sense, these pathways still felt like a figment of some over-zealous doctor’s imagination. But, now, I got to see them; on the screen; in the brain of a living, breathing person! How amazing is that! How much more amazing can life get! Medicine is indeed moving forward by leaps and bounds and here is the proof lying right in front of my eyes.

Sigh…This feeling of wonderment was almost forgotten until it came back to me that day and reminded me of one of the many reasons that I took up this profession for. It also came back to me today when I stared at this picture for so long before I started writing this update. I also blame that sense of wonderment for the number of exclamation points in the above paragraph. But, anything for the brain!

The timetable for the next week then:

  1. Microbiology
  2. Biochemistry
  3. Teensy bit of Medicine

That’s it folks, wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “The PG Quest- Week 6

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sincere advice.. Join a library girl.. Things will happen (chapters)! Try out forward day or so… Ull sure b feeling much better 🙂 all da best!


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