The PG Quest- Week 2


I should have posted this last night because my week had to be ended a day early thanks to the people below (the admin people are on the first floor and I’m on the fourth) who have decreed that there will be a class on dermatology today.

I’m not complaining. See, in general I don’t consider myself a stable, level headed person, but put me in a 12 hr class of anatomy and I want to put a beeper on my vehicle that blares “get out of the way! Crazy is coming!” That’s Crazy with a capital C too. So, any reason to escape (P)TSD by anatomy is fine by me.

Also, all my knowledge of dermatology during undergrad years comes from listening to the fevered recital of treatment of psoriasis by my friend five minutes before walking into the examination hall; and which is prompty forgotten five minutes after walking out of the examination hall. So, I’m going in with zilch. Nada. Which is how I went in for anatomy except that I’m sure dermatology doesn’t want to suck my life force out of me.

Anyway, class started.

Au revoir!

I’m back!

Class was all that I hoped it would be and some more because he finished five minutes early! Joys of life, I tell you!

As for my study update, last week was bad. Anatomy was very naughty and didn’t at all cooperate in holding my attention. A lot of time was wasted; a lot of questions were ignored; a lot of pages torn and crumpled in frustration…I don’t want to talk about it.

But, I have high hopes for this coming week. Following today’s dermat, I have Psychiatry and Forensic medicine on Monday and Tuesday– two of my favorites! So, in signing off, I do it with hope.

Oh right! The stats:

Week 2 (7 Aug – 12 Aug ):
1. Anatomy (I’m tempted to say done, but I’m afraid I can hear the textbook roaring with laughter. One day, Anatomy, one fine day, I will conquer you <shaking my fist at the book here>)
2. Ophthalmology- are you kidding me?

Week 3 (13 Aug – 19 Aug)
1. Dermatology
2. Psychiatry
3. Forensic medicine (as much as I can touch)

 Wish me luck!

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