The PG Quest- WEEK 1


Cap. PSM x 3 days
(to be taken orally for 12 hour continuous release action)


And my week began. That prescription translates to a stuffy classroom, uncomfortable desk chair and a weekend spent driving myself into oblivion while taking copious notes. I looked at the bright side though- Community medicine done! Totally worth the 20 minute breaks spent wondering how hard the ground would be when I hit it from the fourth floor! Except I’m still doing PSM (aka SPM aka Community medicine aka the stick that’s currently up my arse).

You see, I have woefully underestimated my adversary for the week. PSM is 200% of the average subject, 80% boring and 99.99% volatile. I have realized that I might answer a thousand questions and more (which I am), but still won’t remember when National Leprosy Eradication Programme was launched (seriously, even now- nada!) or what the fancily-named health programs are for mothers and children and I definitely can’t remember what is what in a battle of hard tick vs a soft tick! (Try saying “hard tick soft tick” 10 times fast :-D)

However, it is the last day of the week and I’m going to spend that with more of PSM in the wild hope that if I cram it down savagely enough, it might just decide to stay there.



  • Community medicine
  • Medicine- infectious diseases
  • Orthopaedics (untouched)

Well, I’d like to tell myself that 67% is not too shabby for first week, but the culture of competition here doesn’t allow me.

So, here’s launching a new week from 7/8/2015 to 13/8/2015 with new promises and old regrets:

To do:

  1. Anatomy (with the help of 12 hour continuous release capsules of course ;-/)
  2. Ophthalmology (not to underestimate Anatomy, but I really need to pick up my pace).

Alrighty! Wish me luck!


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