The PG quest- laying the groundwork

I’m a medico. Not a doctor, but a medico. Because “Doctor” is not a title to be lightly taken. It needs to be earned with mounds of hard work and years of experience and I’m not there yet. However, in the quest to achieve that coveted title, I have girded my loins and set out with alacrity. At least I’m supposed to have.

It’s called post-graduation (PG), without which you might as well throw that under-graduate degree in the bin in today’s world. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? After all, who isn’t a post-graduate now-a-days? Everybody is waving their Masters/MBA every-which-where. But, take a look at that medico in the corner hugging that MS/MD to the chest while keeping a wary eye out for snatchers. He’ll probably take that degree home, get it laminated or framed and store it away in the safe right next to his…well, it’s probably empty. Because he doesn’t earn enough to invest in anything valuable.

The point is, in my country, 1 million medicos appear for an exam that gives access to 20,000 seats. The only thing more screwed up than this is the specialist to patient ratio (duh!). More important- I’m also a runner in this rattiest of rat races.

I ought to be studying now; swotting away to glory like all my compatriots are. Instead I’m sitting here writing this. I can’t seem to stop passing time or start studying. Therefore, I have come up with an idea to keep me on track.

Taking up a challenge with the rider of having to record my progress in the blog did prove quite effective in the past (The big read challenge was going amazingly well until life threw me a curve ball). In light of that observation, I have decided to make work fun and fun boring by adding my studies to the mix.

Each “challenge” is going to be a weekly event. I will be recording my progress which basically means I will be venting and ranting about everything from the state of my mind to the state of the country, maybe even the world if you’re lucky. I’m hoping that this form of accountability will keep me on track and less liable to give in to the myriad of distractions that seem to crop up just when one sits down to study. Anybody who is reading this, please keep your fingers crossed for me. Please.

My first exam is on November 1, 2015. That gives me…

11 weeks, 3 days. (Leaving out the last 13 days for pushing myself of a cliff)

and 14 subjects

Right, I can feel my heart pounding and tension mounting. That is good.

Starting tomorrow, my first challenge for 31/7 to 6/7 will be:

Completion (theory and Q-bank) of

  1. Community medicine
  2. Medicine- infectious diseases
  3. Orthopaedics

So…in view of this great week ahead and having a 12 hour class of community medicine tomorrow, I think I should get my sleep while I can.

Wish me luck!


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