I was dressed in my very best
Yet, felt not in the least confident;
My heart was thudding,
My throat ran dry,
I smacked my lips with my tongue,
Pink over red, pink over red;
But, my eyelashes still fluttered
And breath hitched.

The door opened and in bounded my roommate,
Excited about her promotion
And our promised celebration.

“My! My!” she said,
“Somebody is out to get all the men,”
And grinned,

My smile stilted, my voice wavered and died;
My carefully prepared speech flew out with the wind;
All that
With just a smile.

I gave myself a shake as she went in to wash.
I regained a little of the lot of control I’d lost.
I steeled myself; stole a glance at the notes I’d made earlier in the day;
Yes, I reassured myself, I remember what I’ve got to say.
Even if close my eyes, I have to, to her,
Say it tonight, I will!

She came back,
In strappy blue and derriere-hugging black.
Lining kohl to her already dark eyes,
She shot me a grin
Through her reflection.

I stood up.

“M..Maya,” I stuttered,
“I have something I want to say,”
“to you…”

“Mm..hmm,” was her only reply,
Her hands deftly unscrewing the top off the lipstick.

Watching her fingers at work,
Even at something as mundane as unscrewing the lid off of a lipstick,
I felt a thrill
And I said,

“I think I’m falling for you.”

My dream in blue and black went still
And her reflection stared back at me.
Her eyes- dark and wide- unreadable;
Her back, not of the reflection- unwelcoming.
I could feel wetness accumulating behind my eyes;
I wanted to turn away; hide my broken heart.

I didn’t.

Some stubborn hope kept me looking at her,
Waiting for a reply,
Any reply.

She dropped the lipstick and swiftly turned around;
Took a step forward and then, hesitated
As if considering her sanity, the idea be good or bad.

“I’m a girl,” she said, standing too far away.

“Yes, I’ve noticed,” I said, standing too far away.

“I…You…” she started.

But, today was my day.
I was in charge and if I had come this far…

I took the five steps that separated us

“No more talking,” I said,
“Let me just kiss you a while.”

And planted my lips on hers.

*END of Part 1*


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