I am a captive
in his dungeon,
Chained to the wall by an ankle,
retained in position by a command;
my dress slipping off my shoulder,
glistening sweat coating my body,
I awaited his return.

He came,
eyes averted, fists clenched,
until he stood before me.

Stormy grey met icy blue and
slowly, the storm settled
and the ice melted.
A little frown dented his forehead
at the end of every silent battle.
I wondered why he kept me here
if not to ravish me and pleasure himself.
We talked none; never did.
He stared at me, I glared at him,
A game in the eyes that neither could win.

One day, it changed.
He didn’t return;
But, I was taken.

Given a bath and scrubbed clean;
made up from scratch and draped in silken green.

Cloth hugged my skin,
flapped against my breast,
mingled with my heartbeat
as I lay on his bed.

He came,
eyes averted, fists clenched,
until he stood before me.

Stormy grey searched for icy blue
But, summer had come and melted the snow
and tears were all he could find.
The frown deepened, the storm heightened;
he grabbed my arm in his ungentle grip
as my tears spilled from the nest.

I found my voice then
and spat the question, I longed to know the answer to,

“Why do you keep me here
as a captive
in your dungeon?”

Stormy grey met shadowy blue;
slowly, the storm settled
and the shadows lightened.
A frown still dented his forehead
But, his eyes met un-averted
and his fists un-clenched.

From deep within his chest, a rumble arose
I saw his mouth open, his voice I heard,

“You are a captive
in my dungeon,
and I am a captive
of your eyes.”


It did not start out with the intention, but as I neared the end of it, my imaginary characters began to feel more and more like Belle and her beast during the time that she is kept captive only by necessity and against her will. Of course, that is if you are willing to add a daub of sexual tension and conflict to what is otherwise perceived as a children’s fairy tale. Although, looking at Hollywood over the last year, dramatizing a fairy tale for adult viewing is the “in” thing right now.  So, no apologies and I hope you enjoyed reading it. 🙂


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