Life has become a chore.

The same awakening
Similar routine
Work, work and work all day
Night after day, day after night

Searching for inspiration
For motivation
For a release
Alas, not to be granted

A goal in the far off distance
That comes no closer
Swot, swot, swot away, they tell me
Rewards are not for the expectant.

Reading lines over and over
Marking ‘em all over the page
Remember everything, forget nothing
Give your all at every place

Fingers crossed, lips pursed
Questions answered in heat and sweat
Worry, worry crinkling the forehead
Trying to remember what all these words meant

Palms sweating,
Swearing through my teeth
Slip, slip, pen slipping through
And landing on my feet.

Put my head down
Closed my eyes
Wished to be away, far away
But, opened ‘em up and staring at me
Black and white, white and black
Papers on papers, words on words

Life has become an unending chore.



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