A Place…

It is a place where birds fly low over my head and just for a moment, the sky feels so close, that maybe if I jump just a little higher, the tips of my fingers would graze its nothingness.

It is a place where the wind blows through my hair and I forget the temperatures touching 40 degrees every day and re-visit those nights spent sleeping on the porch.

It is a place where a calmness stills my heart because for those few minutes of the day, I’m back in a campus where there are a few more trees and a lot more space.

It is a place where a shrine to Shiva stands just a little ways away from a shrine to Allah and maybe, if I’d looked further I’d have a found a shrine to the Christ as well.

It is a place where for those 30 minutes or so, everybody focuses on aching muscles and sweating skin and enjoy a peace of mind that rarely comes from thoughts of food, family or finances.

It is a place that reminds me that the world is a small place after all, in spite of my fears and worries and in any case, I have a lot to be thankful for.

I went running this morning (though most of what I did was walking) and when people started looking at me for smiling at nothing, I sat down to pen these thoughts.



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