This is me now

This is me now

But I could change…anytime.

Fickleness has always been propagated as a rather special possession of the female kind. Fickleness has also always been portrayed as a less-than-desirable attribute to advertise. Fickleness, the fact however remains, is rather fun.

It has nothing to do with the orientation of my chromosomes. The reason I’m defending this much-looked-down upon quality is because it affords you a freedom in a way that nothing much else can.

I might wake up today morning on the distinct wrong side of the bed and vow in the throes of that horror to never eat meat again. Two weeks later, I go out with my friends and am forced to choose the deathly pale cottage cheese over any red-blooded meat product. Instead, I happily mislay the memories of my terrible vow and go for the meat. Now if I was a stubborn and decided fellow, I would definitely not have the gumption to sleep like a baby after my bloody meal. But, if I was a freely fickle fellow, not only would I sleep tight, I would also wake up the next morning with nothing so much as cotton fluff on my mind!

I might have decided to become a doctor in the hot-blooded foolishness of my teenage years. But, if that doesn’t work out in the royally noble way I have planned it to be, then, I reserve the right to be fickle, chuck doctor-craft and pick up some other hot-blooded foolishness.

The thing is, I want to be free. I want no regrets. I want to laugh and I want to live any way I like. I want to be able to change when I like and how I like. I want to campaign for skirts in Bangalore and I want to vote for traditional Fridays in San Francisco. I want to support Kiss for Love and I want to take my boyfriend to a private corner before I kiss him. I want to say Modi Sarkar during elections, then, sit back with a critical eye once he is in power. I want to tell people that being a doctor is one of the best things I have ever done and yet, every time I meet my friends, I want us all to sit and happily complain about every aspect of our work (or lack of work). I want so many things. I want to be everything. So, why should I confine my mind to saying this is what I have decided once and this is what I will decide for the rest of my life?

Today, I want a small home with a picket fence, but tomorrow, I might want the world; because sometimes being fickle is the best decision I can take.

So, this is me…now.


I’m free…

This is me now

But I could change…anytime.

Disclaimer: Lyrics in italics- not mine; taken from a Vodafone ad and inspiration for this little piece.


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