The worst thing for a doctor is when a patient starts doubting your skills. The worst thing for an intern is knowing that the patient is justified in doing so.

As an intern, you are just a freshly baked cake- too hot to be cut into a perfect slice. A cake will cool off in 10 minutes though. The intern, on the other hand, might be 10 months and more into the job and yet, feel wobbly.

We come fresh from the theoretical ramblings of the medical school; where the only time we actually touch the patient is during the exams and in front of the examiner so that we can score brownie points for “applied knowledge”. People have such romantic ideas of being a doctor; that the moment you enter medical school, you’ll be saving lives.

Irony is, by the time we get a hold upon what we are doing, the internship is done and it is time to hit the books again for post graduation!


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