Letters to Santa

Hello, one and all! Young and old!
A tale of Christmas and cheer!
A tale never before told!
So hear me! Come close, come near!

In a nameless colourful land,
There lived four girls once.
They were, to say, of same blood, of same sand
But, of same nature, they weren’t, nor of same sense.

As air blew colder and
Snow showered down, pure and white,
They knew Christmas was ‘round the bend
And began to write their letters in the morning light.

To whom are the letters addressed, you wonder?
Isn’t there a man with a white beard and a sleigh?
Up there, in the land of gifts yonder…
Oh! It’s Santa Claus of course! All the way up high!

 The letters travelled all the way
And finally reached the man himself.
The gifts asked by each except one, let’s say,
Were too much for even the most hard-working elf!

Still, Santa Claus, the good old man,
Began his survey of their goods and their bads,
For his gifts, as per his plan,
Went only to the best of the lads!

The eldest, Maria was the name,
Considered herself superior to all.
She spent her time trying for fame
As the fairest at every ball.

At second, comes Joan
Who fancies herself a porcelain doll.
A fall and a wail, a prick and a moan
Is the way her life takes toll.

Brenda, the third, also called Bunny,
Was loud and obnoxious, selfish and rude.
She thought stealing was fun and bullying funny;
She was a pain to all, being unrefined and crude.

At the came the mature, but little Eve.
She was helpful and kind, caring and loving.
From her, a smile never its leave;
She could set many hearts moving.

Santa, thus, viewed the profiles.
In a minute, his decision was made.
He set aside four gifts in his piles,
Each asked for by the girls- the good and the bad!

Christmas morning dawned cheery and bright!
The four girls checked their stockings.
For three of the four, no one had visited that night;
But, the fourth found four gifts from Santa for her taking!

When she heard, however, of her sisters’ fate,
The happy girl was also kind.
She took the gifts from her place
And left them for her sisters to find.

Little eve succeeded in kindling their love;
“We will try to be good!” they began saying.
Santa smiled down from his land, up above,
For now, he says, they are, at the least, trying.



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