A frustrated doctor says…

I wish I was a rock star
Or a movie star
Maybe, a writer
Or even a painter

I wish I was a lawyer
Or the district mayor
I wish I was anything
But the doctor that I’m about to be

They say being a doctor is noble
It’s humane and it’s respectable
In India, before a baby has learnt to babble
They all teach to it say
“I’ll be a doctor one day”

But what they don’t tell you is the time it takes
And the effort you need to make
The hundred exams in your path
And the books you’ll carry even into your bath

They don’t tell you about the MCI
Or the political bodies you need to know to get by
They don’t tell you that policy makers
Don’t care about doctors
Or any actual medical caretakers

They want you to take a rural posting
That has nothing to do with rural
They want you to do an extended internship
That 50% will pay up for so that they can skip

And after all of that, they want you to apply for post-graduation
In a country with 60,000 MBBS vacancies
And only 23,000 Post-graduation vacancies
How is this a system of evaluation?

In a country where money can buy not just food
But your progeny’s entire profession
Who is it that we should go to make good
All those old promises of
“If you study hard, you will get in wherever you want and nothing less”
Or “Hard work is the secret to sure-shot success”
Since when did merit become secondary to caste?
And how soon in our country, will the dream of
Being a doctor become a thing of the past?

They tell us we should be humane and kind
And think of those who have less than us…
They say it is our duty to serve
And if we didn’t want to serve,
They question why we chose to be doctors in the first place
And label us a professional disgrace


I ask you to do the same
Put yourselves in our place
And realize we are also people with a name and a face
Be humane to us; be kind to us

You want us to treat the poor
And give our services door to door
Well, give us the resources to do so

You want us to take a posting in the rural?
We will!
But tell us how you will fit 60,000 doctors
Into 3000 centres?

Money may not make the world go round
But, it still does pay for our food and a roof over our head
Pay us what we deserve

Make policies that better the people, yes
But remember, people also includes us
Us doctors too…

In a country with more than 70% rural population
And anything up to 50% living in poverty
We understand that the equation
Might be a little different

But, why is it that every single time
It is us doctors who are targeted
With every new equation, time after time?

We understand medical care is vital
And necessary
And requires to reach
All corners of the country

But, forcing a half-baked MBBS graduate
Into a broken down shed and calling it medical care
Is not a solution.

Decreasing the opportunities for specialization
In a country short of specialists
Is not a solution.

Using us in a twisted notion
To pull up your wavering vote bank
Is NOT a solution!

We have solutions
That are practical
That value our profession
And our people…

Listen to us!

We are doctors
We are duty-bound and honour-bound to serve…

You are the government in a democracy
You are duty-bound and honour-bound to listen…

So, please…

Listen to us…



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