As an intern…

Being an intern is a heady experience. So many feelings assault you at one time- a feeling of wonder at everything you get to learn and also a feeling of utter uselessness because how much ever you learn, you just don’t know enough! Of course, there are also the pitfalls that come with being at the absolute bottom of the hierarchy. Somebody doesn’t want to do the paperwork, its yours. Nobody wants to do the running around (even the ward boys), it is yours! Anything, anybody dislikes to do/ is too lazy to do/ doesn’t have time to do/ just plain doesn’t want to do ‘coz doesn’t want to do… voila! The intern is here at your service! But at the end of the day, no experience can beat that of an internship! The works and whines, the night shifts and morning-afters, even the bitches and assholes encountered…they give you a confidence boost like no other! The rule goes: if I can survive the internship, then the rest of my life is a piece of cake! (However erroneous that presumption might be. In fact, quite soon you might be reading a post that starts with “Dear heavens, lets make a deal. I’ll do my internship again and you get me out this so-and-so shit…”) For now though, this false confidence sees me through many a day. Of course I do have a countdown on my wall for the last day of this year and I really, really can’t wait for it to be done with, but in the meantime I hope I can make the best of it- alive and sanity preserved.


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