I wish…

I wish I was a rock star
 With a guitar in my hand
And my ears plugged with music
Rocking my body, shaking my booty

In a world of my own with my band.

I wish I was a writer

With stories whirling in my head
And ink stains all over my fingers
As I take my readers on a wild journey

While ensconced cozily in their respective beds.

I wish I was a movie star

Fighting my own fights
Romancing the appropriate hero in inappropriate ways
Attending parties in my glittering gowns

And waving to everyone under the lights.

I wish I was a politician

Holding the rights of a country in my hand
With the power to make worlds meet and make worlds end
Having the president over for lunch, dinner and tea

And calling him my best friend.

I wish I was a lawyer

Reading the constitution
And twisting those words to serve my ends
Putting up a show in each and every trial

While demanding for my client’s restitution.

I wish I was an architect

Making plans that no one understands
Designing buildings of wood, stone or maybe, polystyrene
Talking to the walls about windows and to the floor about foundations

And building a home for everyone in every land.

I wish I was an artist

Capturing everything I see on canvas
Putting colors in on black and white
With a paint-splattered smock and a painting brush

I would take over the world and change its facade.

I wish I was a dancer

Twirling in my pink tutu and ballet shoes
Ruling over every music like the mistress I am
Wooing the world with my lithe body and swan-like grace

And when alone, using my ankles to chase away my blues.

I wish I was a pilot

Flying above the world for all to see
Maybe, racing with the birds once in a while
Feeling so large when all under me look so small

And laughing my head off in the face of gravity.

I wish…No!

Now I’ll tell you what I really am going to be.

In the years to come, a doctor I will be

Treating my patients and all their complaints, you will see;
Healthy and happy and in debt will all my patients be
For I will be charging each consultation, a very hefty fee!




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