The ballad of a man and his coat

He remembered the first time
He laid his eyes on it
Touched its fibre

Relished its softness.

The first time he slipped in an arm

And felt it sit cosily

On his shoulders.

He wore it every day after

His coat it was; his most beloved


Brown in its colour

Fine in its texture
Comfortable in its fit

Warm in the cold.

Happy though the man was

With his coat,
His life, he saw was

Going downhill.

He lost his car, at first;

Then his wife;
Then his house

And slowly everything in life.

A beggar he became

On the left corner of a much-trodden road,
Counting his pennies every night

And making it just by as he might.

The cars on the road changed

The season changed.
But, he became a fixture on that road

In its left corner and in his brown coat.

The coat had lost its shine

And many of its buttons;
But as many holes as it might have,

It still kept him warm come night after night.

And so life dragged him along

In its merciless flow-
The man and his coat
Among the many trodden masses.
Then one night, it came

The coldest of the coldest in the century.

The man burrowed deep and huddled deeper

Into his coat, he went

Into his final hope.

But for once, in all of its noble life,

The coat failed him, just like
Life had-

So many times afore

The man shivering for the cold

Crouched in his left corner
Holding his brown coat

Hugging it for his life dear.

Flake after flake of snow fell

Until no sign of the man was left
Except for a little brown peak

In an otherwise all-white field.

The next morning dawned

And with it, a single ray of the sun;
And slowly the snow melted

Layer after layer, it all cleared.

That’s when they found it…

They found a brown coat

And in it a man…
Too late for him it was…

Frozen to death he was.

They lifted him as he was

In the arms of the tattered brown coat
And gently put him into the ground

Still in the arms of his beloved brown coat…

And so ends this story

Sad as it may be…

‘Twas the tale of a man and his final friend;

‘Twas the tale of a man and his coat
(A very fine brown coat, ‘twas too)

To its very fine end.



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