The Third Wheel…

Rules- they were made coz’ a large group of people working in tandem needed to be kept running smooth and entertained. The key phrase here- “A Large group of people”. For when so many people get together, with so many a collections of opinions and ideas and morals and values, it gets a little difficult to cater to them all. But again, the key phrase here being- “A Large group of people”.
A relationship, on the other hand, is that tiresome bond which binds TWO people together; initially coz’ they wanted to and later…well, let’s just leave that for later. The key phrase here- I’m sure, you guessed it- “TWO people”.
It is not difficult for TWO people to air their opinions, discuss their ideas, flaunt their morals and share their values. But, when you add that one expression to these two happy let’s-keep-it-simple people- RELATIONSHIP- it becomes like that very cumbersome third wheel weighing everyone and everything down. And further down.
For with that one expression comes many a rules and many a regulations. There is this thing to do and this not to. There is this day to remember and this not to forget. There is this dress to wear and this to please; this way to have sex and this to make love…even the most intimate moment of your life will be beset with hundreds of these so-called conventions- when to kiss, how to kiss, where to kiss, why to kiss… the time I’m done kissing, my head is buzzing with a whole load of questions all beginning with “Did I…” and ending with “…??!!!”
What I ask you is this- when it’s just TWO people, in fact when it’s just TWO people who like to sit around as just TWO people and talk about the past, present and future of the said TWO people- why do they need these broadly generalized conventions to take the lead??? Why can’t it be two people bumbling and jumbling through with each other to find what’s comfortable and what’s not instead of settling for the so-called “right way”, “right moment”, “right time” and “right person”???
For, trust me, I might have said bumbling and jumbling- but, since when did mumbling and jumbling stop being fun?? And since when did we lose all our sense of humor and assume to be so serious as to pre-decide not to make any mistakes with relations and relationships??
At the end of the day, all I want to say is that- when you and your special someone are sitting on a cozy bench in some trellised garden in some remote beauty of a farmhouse- there should be just two butt-prints left on its wooden seat…and not a 4-cornered XXXL butt-print of that bigger-than-both-of-you thing- called Relationship.   

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