H for…….HORMONES!!!

Maybe a song on the tv; maybe a memory from last year; maybe a scene remembered from the last week’s movie; maybe a brush of the shoulders; maybe a coffee shared one cold evening…there are few things in life harder than this.


Good! That makes me feel better- to know that I’m not the only confused one in town!

But being the kind soul I am…(sigh! Me)…I’ll explain myself.

There are few thing harder in life than the Hormones to handle as a teenager (yes, the capital H is completely intentional).

What do you do when you’re out on a date with one of the best guys you’ve ever dated and all you want to do is find a remote corner and jump him, but he- being the perfect gentleman he is- hesitates to even hold your hand???!

What do you do when all the way back home you spend thinking back over the ways you could have stolen more time together in such a way that you could maybe squeeze in a little bit of bodily contact?

What do you when from the moment you reach home to the moment you fall asleep, scene after scene from the date is flitting through your head, except that they all ended either with you cuddled in his arms or with your lips grazing his?

What do you do when every text message you receive from Mr. Perfect turns you on faster than Hugh Jackman running in nude can?

What do you do when every romantic song you hear reduces your head to a mass of blubbering words that have no meaning?

What do you do when all you can watch are romantic movies and all you want to read are romantic novels and all you end up writing are a series of questions that in no way reduce the blubbering mass of words in the head???

What did I do?

I came back home and rued my perfect fortune.



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