I remember that time
When I used to look, pick and choose
Guys lining up for me by the dime

One I’d like the best and for him, I’d let loose…

Years passed, times changed

War ravaged our pleasant homes
Nothing seemed to be what it seemed, nothin’ remained unchanged

Feelings altered, reactions varied, no flower was happy with its blooms

My man, married to me, is now at the border

Quite a hero he is- fighting hard, shedding his blood
But all I can think of is: I’m hiding in my larder

And he’s not here to protect me as he promised he would

Many a night under my empty shed

I’m sitting alone, cuddling myself for comfort
No, he’s not here, his warmth not by me in the bed

Its been so long, all I can remember of us is this- my present effort

I write him letter after letter, hoping for one reply

I pray day after day, begging to get him back to me
Every night I am alone, I am cold, I cry

I cry myself to sleep, I cry myself to not feel lonely

But heavens! I can’t seem to help it; I’m getting lonely and lonelier

I long for some warmth in my bed
I long for a man’s arms to hold me, make me feel safer

I long for some company in that empty space under my shed

Havoc! It’s wreaking havoc in my head!

I wanna go out with every and any man on the street
My thoughts for that pot-bellied shop-keeper turn my cheeks red

When I look at his buck-toothed helper, I wanna call him in for a treat!

Finally this one day, I run into my friend of 10 years past

He looked good, he talked nice, he had come to the town with his wife
She looked good too, she talked nice; but I knew she wouldn’t last

For he’s seen me and he’s smitten; I knew he would let me mess with his life

The next day I spent with his wife at the beach

And that very night I called the guy to my service
But for the sweat and the heat, my memory doesn’t serve me much

Oh yes! And I remember: we sealed it all with a kiss

Days passed and against all odds, the wife became my best friend

And with that came the guilt smothering me down all heavy
Here I was, I’m such a bitch- being her friend and sleeping with her husband

And then, what should I but hear- my man is coming back hale and hearty!

Happy I was, so happy! My sweetheart was coming back at last!

But it wasn’t the same for him who wanted me but knew, he couldn’t have me
Nor was the wife- my friend happy, when she heard what happened in the past

Not for her husband but for lying to her, she said she could kill me…

Two days later, I meet my friend with a case in her hand leaving town

Memories rushed by of what had been and what it needn’t have been
We smiled at each other and tears, held back, wouldn’t flow down

As we hugged for the last time as friends I realized what she had come to mean

Hands clasped, I begged her to keep in touch, to write

She just smiled sadly. Don’t worry, he will surely write, she gave
Voice choked I pleaded her say yes, so I can just delude myself we are alright

She just got in to the car and the last I saw of her forever was her wave.

The next day he came home- my husband- sergeant Harry

Ecstatic he was, he scooped me up and twirled me round
But then, all of a sudden, he put me down and turned away

You’ve been with another man haven’t you? He asked aloud

How could I answer that, oh how! I just stood there and hung my head…

“Who is the man? Who is that bastard?” He questioned fiercely
I still couldn’t make a sound, just stood there, my face all red…

“Love, Millie? Do you love him by any chance?” Harry asked suddenly

And then I knew, whatever happened, I couldn’t lose my man

I finally raised my head and looked him straight in the eyes

“No! I love you and only you! Loneliness made me do it just because I can!

And this time, my dearest, I promise, I’m telling no lies…”

Harry, my dearest, hugged me and held me close

He had forgiven me and accepted me again

“Lets start over”, he said and held out a rose…

“My dearest Millie, will you marry me…all over again?”



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