How to say Goodbye…

I woke up one morning and suddenly, I was sad.
There was a pain in my chest hurting bad…
I opened my eyes, but, couldn’t see any joy
It seemed like the end of the Trojan War and I felt like Troy…
My lips couldn’t seem to make a smile
I couldn’t go about in my usual style
There was a pounding in my head
And I didn’t want to get out of my bed
I don’t know why
I have this question bothering me
How to say… good bye?

It was like a safety net all these days
But now, everything has changed its ways
We don’t talk any longer
We don’t have any sleep over
It’s awkward, we say and turn away
It’s like the golden time has passed and its night all day
We are done, we shout
And our minds are made up all about
And yet, I don’t know why
I have this question bothering me
How to say… goodbye?

It was your birthday and I wanna give you a gift
I’m out at the store, shopping in thrift
I walk through the aisles and think of what you might need
But, the only thing I remember is- now, we’re not friends indeed
So I search and search and search some more
Maybe, something you’d like to hang on your door
But, show pieces don’t hold your view, especially not on the door
How about a notebook to write in; you can let your wild imagination soar
Or maybe just a novel; I know you love to read
Or a picture of a puppy of your favorite breed
I could also give you a photo frame with pictures of you n me in it
But then, I crashed hard to reality- we’re not friends anymore, innit?
And now, I don’t know why
I have this question bothering me
How to say… goodbye?

Finally I got you a greeting card
With as little words as possible to be had
I’ve written happy birthday and all
I’ve also written love in letters standing tall
But, it feels incomplete still
Like I have to say something more still
I’m holding the pen, steady in my hand
But, no words are forming in my mind
So, with tears that don’t want to cry
I ask you- how to say… goodbye???



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