In the rain…

Mom shouting from the kitchen
Telling me I’m useless, I’m no good
My sister and brother fighting over the final leftover food
And daddy never home to listen…It is painful, I say,
To be happy when there’s no food on the table
And no money in the pocket to send dad a cable
I just want to escape, to run away!

The sound of pitter-patter
Draws me to the window and I look
The skies have opened up; water’s overflowing in the brook
Its raining out there- its one hell of a clatter…

I turn back and look around,
At the empty table, the discontent, the crying
And I run out, never looking back, I’m flying
Seeking sanctuary in the wetness all around

The raindrops fall on my head
Run down my face, merging and hiding my tears
I run down the empty streets, trying to banish my fears
I’m barefoot so no one hears my tread

My thin gown sticks to my body
It’s chilly and the wind blows colder
The rain comes down hard, all faster and bolder
To all that water, I’m just a nobody

I’m shivering, my teeth chattering
I’m clutching myself, holding myself together
But, I’m smiling and laughing for all the better
As down the street, my feet go pattering

Every puddle that comes
I jump; I splash water all around,
I laugh; I’m feeling free, unbound
I’m so drenched; it is water that my heart now pumps

Every chill, every shiver doesn’t make me so cold
I’ve got joy coursing through me like a balm
All my laughter is keeping me so warm
I’m not sad, not anymore; I’ve broken off that mould

I’m twirling round, doing the rain dance
My arms spread wide, my eyes closed
I’m lying down in the streams, feeling so soused
It’s like life’s just given me a chance

And finally, I just sat
Feeling washed of all the pain
And just watching the rain
As simple as that!



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